The Omni Rehab Center, a privately owned outpatient physical therapy clinic located in Shelbyville, Tennessee, opened for business in 1991. The facility consists of a 10,000 square feet building housing 5 private treatment rooms including a room designed for hand therapy. Two spacious workout areas are available for our patients who are here for therapy or to participate in a self paced program. Fifteen pieces of Nautilus equipment, a stepper, stationary bicycles, treadmill, and elliptical offer a variety of exercise options.

The Omni Center offers the only Aquatic Therapy Center in the area with a full sized indoor heated pool which measures 24ft.x10ft. The pool depth begins at 3ft. and gradually tapers down to 5ft. 6in. in depth. The pool features an adjustable velocity jet stream flow for water resistance therapy and training.

Physical and Occupational therapy as well as Sports Medicine, Aquatics and Women’s Health are the foundation of our services. Additionally, we offer an outreach program to our local high schools. Our Athletic Trainer goes to the schools two times a week in addition to attending ballgames to assess any injuries they may have sustained during competition.

We have been very fortunate over the years to have the support of our local doctors, community and industries. We have evaluated nearly 17,000 patients over our 23 years in business, receiving referrals from over 300 different physicians. A large portion of our clientele is orthopedic but we also treat patients with neurological problems. Other diagnoses treated include open wounds, burns, back and neck problems.

The Omni Center offers many services that are not offered at any other clinic in the area.  Many different types of patients are seen at the clinic including those seeking pain relief, increased mobility and strength following chronic disease, stroke, surgery, occupational injuries, sports injuries or accidents of any type.

The Omni Center accepts most insurance plans including Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Health Care, Worker’s Compensation, etc.